Girls Have A Dream Workshop

Entertainment from orhpaned girls from Kuza Youth Troupe.
Suruma Kader is attending the workshop. A true social entrepreneur who developed Kuza Group consisting of 35 orphaned children. She has trained them to be great artists.
Zainab Sarita of Namawojolo Sacco Group was guiding the girls in their work
Esther Nalule
Girls Have A Dream is a platform to encourage young girls and young mothers to set their own dreams, overcome the challenges and work towards achieving them so as to lead successful lives.


We often hear about the dreams young girls have and the challenges they face in achieving their dreams yet some overcome significant challenges and lead successful lives.

-What does a dream mean to them ?
-And how do they achieve them?

What advice do they have to help young people build personal strength to ovecome the challenges they face in the course of achieving their dreams.

A workshop was held on 14th September 2013 at Kasangati Education School, 10:00am to 04:00pm for girls from the villages of Nangabo, Wampeewo, Bulamu and Masooli on the topic , “I HAVE A DREAM”. It was attended by 48 girls and this is what some of them had to say:

Ndagano Susan (15) from Wampeewo village: ” My personal dream is to become a medical doctor. I come from a poor family where my parents earn a living through small scale farming and providing casual labour on people’s farms. During holidays I work with them to earn school fees. My parents have helped me maintain high expectations for my self. They taught me never to say” I cannot” at any thing I try and with hard work and determination I know I will make it.“

Nansubuga Agnes from Wampeewo village: “I was forced into marriage at an early age of 16 years after dropping out of school because of school fees and other requirements, and now I have three children. I want to start a small business to raise money to support my children because their father does not provide enough. I always ask him for some capital to start a small bussines, but he has never responded. My dream is to see my children educated so that they do not experience what am going through"

The question is, how will she achieve her dream without a source of income. She needs the skills to start a pesonal business and educate her children.

Mirembe Maureen (18) from Masooli village: ” I lost my mother to HIV/AIDS while still young at 10years. My father married another woman and he used not to stay at home most of the time. My new mother did not want me to go to school, so most of the time I would stay at home to look after my sibblings and cook food. At the age of 14 years I left home and started staying with my auntie. She took me to friend to work as a maid. I am now saving my money every month. My dream is to start a small business in future and employ my self”.

Our mission is to transform the lives of girls and young mothers, and help them regain their rights and persue their dreams.

In a discussion girls came up with the following challenges they experience in the course of persuing their dreams:

  • Lack of essential needs like scholarstic materials, sanitary ware among others required to keep them in school
  • Early marriages due to culture / society influence leading to early child birth and dependency
  • Orphans without key persons responsible for their developments
  • Home mistreatment causing girls to flee to streets and end up as prostitutes for survival
  • Lack of power to negotiate delay of sex, and if they have sex no power to negotiate protection which exposes them to the risk of HIV/AIDS and un wanted pregnancies

Esther Nalule: "It is my dream as an entrepreneurship teacher to bring girls in the rural communities of Uganda a successful future through provision of practical business skills that can enable them start their own businesses and sustain them selves as well as guidance and counselling to over come the psycho social problems".

Esther Nalule:
"I grew up with my parents and I was able to get the formal education required. I graduated with a diploma in business education, and knew it was enough to secure me a good teaching job but this was not possible. Five years later I enrolled for a bachelors degree at Makerere University Uganda, hoping that with higher qualfications I would automatically enter the government pay roll or even join a better paying private school. But after completing the course with good grades, it was the same story. I was only able to get a job in a small growing private school with a low salary not enough to sustain me and my family.

I knew it was time for me to change my career and start employing my self, because the number of job seekers is extremely high compared to the jobs available.

The problem has not only affected me, there are many young girls out there experiencing a similar problem. Those who have had formal education and those who have not. This is the right time to change the way of educating the girls."

GIRLS HAVE A DREAM SCHOOL will educate them in proffessional skills like tailoring, computer, hair dressing, crafts work among others, so they can be able to take care of them selves.

Iryn Nakitende, (18) participants: " We really had awonderful workshop today, and there was lost of fun, learning from each other and the best moment was the activity of drawing our dreams. It was really a nice workshop."

Zainab Sarita of Namawojolo Sacco Group: " I had a wonderefull time with this beautiful girls".

This workshop is funded by Lilian Nabulime, Uganda and Ingrid Grene Henriksen, Norway.

You Tube film from the workshop:

Compiled by Esther Nalule, Uganda. E mail:

Dare to Dream:
Dreams are the source of the belief that there is something better.
Dreams brings us to a higher level far away from misery and despair.
Dreams are the source that can save us when we feel that we have reached the bottom.
The value of dreaming is the ability to show us new paths, ignite hope and commitment and clarify opportunities.
Dreams motivate us to find a way out of hell.
Never, ever give up.
Bitten Schei, Mother Courage