Girls Have A Dream School

Esther Nalule is educating the girls.
Educating the girls is a joint responsibility.
Partner Esther Nalule, Project Manager of Girls Have A Dream School.
"I dream of the day when there will be an open door to all girls, an opportunity for all children to dive into the open sea of education."

Girls Have A Dream School
-To empower girls with entrepreneurship skills for selfemployment

Girls empowerment through education and training
The partnership will undertake a project based on providing an alternative education system for girls and young mothers through practical entrepreneurship skills to enable them establish their own businesses /pursue their dreams and lead successful lives. Girls will be trained in tailoring, computer, hair dressing, crafts work, foods and nutrition. Trainings will be conducted two days in a week.

Small is Great is a non profit independent organization for grass root women, registration number 897626632, founded by Bitten Schei, of Norway. The objective of the organization is poverty reduction for grass root rural women in Uganda and other needs based areas through partnership with women in Uganda.

Small is Great intervention in poverty reduction started in 2005 with Bitten Schei supporting women groups in Kyadondo East Rural Women Development Organization, a local community based organization in Uganda, with a lots of pigs, chicken,training in empowerment, entrepreneurship and networking, micro bank, sewing machines and cows. By then Nalule Esther was the chair person of one of the women groups. Later on she spread to other regions of Uganda supporting 32 women groups . Bitten Schei started the organization Small is Great in 2011 to include all the 32 women groups in Uganda. Girls Have A Dream is a result of the work done by Bitten Schei and Esther Nalule to back stop the continuity of the current problems that women experience today.

Project management
The project will be managed by Esther Nalule, who is also the coordinator of the organization Small is Great in Uganda. Esther Nalule is an experienced professional entrepreneurship teacher holding a Bachelor of Education in Business studies from Makerere University Kampala, as well as a diploma in Business Education from the Institute of Teachers’ Education Kyambogo and certificates attained in entrepreneurship development courses attended. She has experience of 12 years teaching in Secondary school, and working with the women and Bitten Schei of Norway since 2005.
Other staff members will include: Trainers imparting skills to the learners in their respective fields of specialisation tailoring , hair dressing , art and crafts, computer, food and nutrition.

Advisory board
The project advisory board comprises of the chairpersons of various women groups that make up Small is Great plus two technical person in the field of Business and technical Education. Roles: To over see the project activities in an advisory cap. And to advise on the implementation of the project plan for sustainability.

Target group
The project will target 50 girls for a start from poor social economic background, and school drop outs in the age of 13-20 years living within the organizations area of operation that is Nangabo sub county, Wakiso district, and later expand to other districts of Uganda as the project is expanding.

Problem statement
Only 38% of Uganda girls complete primary school and only 13% will attend secondary education. In Uganda where 85% of Ugandans live in rural poverty earning an average of $300 a year. More than 50% of the population is under 15 years old and the education of these children is critical for Uganda's economic development. Girls have limited access to formal education compared to boys. Even those who have access to formal education find it had to get jobs to earn them a living because of limited job market country wide. The education system emphasizes theory other than practical skills.

Secondly, because of the high rate of unemployment many of the young girls have resorted to prostitution. Others forced into marriage as an alternative means of earning a living exposing them to the risk of HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies.

Expected Benefits
By undertaking this project, girls within the target group will be provided with practical entrepreneurship skills in different fields, and there after be able to use the skills to start personal businesses and sustain them selves.

Sustainability of the project
With the skills obtained from the school, girls will be in position to produce quality products as they learn such as uniforms, sweaters for schools, crafts products, hair dressing services which will be sold off to earn income to the project.

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The project will need 14000 EURO, ( 19000 USD/140000 NOK ) starting the first year to invest in computers, sewing machines, hair dryers and other practical tools.

If you want to support - send a donation to: 
Else Irene Schei, Small is Great
Hjartdal og Gransherad Sparebank, 3677 Notodden, N-Norway


When Women Wake, Mountains Move
“I dream of the day when there will be an open door to all girls, an opportunity for all children to dive into the open sea of education, internalize the universal knowledge and attain an understanding of "self" and manifest its light to the rest of humanity in a peaceful and compassionate manner.” Anosha Zereh

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