Laila Huseklepp and Linda Denize Nyborg are funders for Green Girls Norway.
Lisbet Nordtvedt, Norway. Funder of HEARTFOOD.
Chef Dennis and the girls.
Invited women from the local community.


We have a food pilot in Girls Have A Dream School to promote healthy food for all.

The Green Girls

We have rent a field for one year, and a woman who looks after it. She involves 17 girls from seeding, growing and preparing food. The school garden is a training and demonstration farm project for the girls and the entire community. It also helps to provide the students with fresh healthy meals.
Malnutrition and unbalanced diet is a major problem, also lack of knowledge about what can be grown and eaten in many parts of rural Uganda.


Girls Have a Dream School is conducting a one week training workshop on food preparation and cooking.

HeartFood is designed  to improve girls knowledge and skills in growing their own food. Increasing their knowledge and understanding of healthy eating and nutrition as well as improving their cooking skills. It starts 27th of July.

The workshop will involve the following activities:

  • Cooking sessions with shared lunch

  • Food preparation and serving

  • The community will be involved in enjoying, advising and learning from the pilot as well as providing practical expertise and lending equipments to the school to facilitate the workshop.

Some of the vegetables planted at school that will be used in the course of the training  include:

Lettuce, spinach, cabbages, carrots, green beans and other leafy greens with new seeds planted for continuous harvests

Girls awareness of these and the way they learn to treat them will help them to grow into responsible mothers. The pilot  will also help to create awareness and pride, and raise the school’s reputation  in the community.

One Sunday in August Girls Have A Dream School hosted community members who were served fresh dishes prepared by the girls . This was organized to sum up the one week training that the girls have been under going in food and nutrition conducted by Chef Dennis from one of the big hotels in Uganda ( Serena ). The training was intended to provide the girls with skills in preparing and serving fresh healthy meals. Several dishes were prepared using vegetables and food from the school garden, such dishes include; vegetables, rice, jacket potatoes, Hungarian beef, chicken stew and snacks among others. However some dishes that required machines, like the oven were not prepared, while for others they managed to improvise by doing it locally. Pilots like this can help them to build sustainable livelihoods and requested the school to include food and nutrition as a training course in the school curriculum to provide more girls with such opportunity. They also noted with concern that this kind of project can create a sustainable income for the school provided we have the utensils and machines in that the girls can carry out outside catering as an income generating project for the school as well as make simple snacks that can be sold at whole sale price to shops around. Thank you so much for making this possible.

Partnership across Borders

Girls Have A Dream School with the pilots Green Girls and HeartFood are a collaboration between social entrepreneurs in Norway and Uganda.


Strengthening underprivileged girls to fight poverty in Uganda at the grassroots level through vocational training and sustainable opportunities for development of various small-scale projects, so they can create their own income.

Through basic entrepreneurship training and access to micro finance we train girls to create an income.

Income for sustainable development as production of pigs, sewing school uniforms, knitwear, hairdressing training, computer training, production and sale of liquid soap, design of crafts and jewelry etc and food.

About us

Small is Great-Women and Girls Empowerment is a grass root Non Government Organization empowering women and girls in the rural communities of Uganda to fight the cycle of poverty through vocational training and sustainable development opportunities.

Small is Great, is a registered organization in Norway, registration number  897626632. 

A sister organization, the implementing partner Small is Great -Women and Girls Empowerment is also registered in Uganda as a Community Based Organization registration number WCBO/455/14 


To have a society where the women are economically independent.


To empower underprivileged girls and women to fight poverty in Uganda grass root communities through vocational training and sustainable development opportunities. 


Bitten Schei, www.mothercourage.no Norway. Founder of  the network Small is Great and Girls Have A Dream School, Norway – Uganda.

Esther Nalule, CEO & founder of Small is Great – Women and Girls Empowerment, head of Girls Have A Dream School, Uganda.

Funders and supporters of Green Girls and HeartFood are Laila Huseklepp, Linda Denize Nyborg and Lisbet Nortvedt, Norway.



Esther Nalule.
Facebook: Nalule Esther
Skype: nalule.esther

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