Celebration 10 Years

Joan Sitenda from KERWDA
Esther Nalule/Small is Great. The host.
Participate in Graduation of Girls Have A Dream School 2015.
Visit Malindi, at the Source of the Nile. It´s a Garden of Eden.
Nyenga Childrens Home, a spin of from Bittens project, invites all of you to take part of our 5 year celebration October 9th in Kabizzi. You will meet some of the women´s groups, children, staff and community members, have entertainment, food and drinks.
Africa Kuza Troupe will entertain.
Open a Garden of Dreams. To honor the baby girl.
Conference and celebration with women from Small is Great.
Visiting Charles Batte and his Tree Adoption Uganda in Mpigi

The Celebration
We are this year celebrating our 10 years in partnership with our sisters in Uganda at the grass root. We are inviting you to join us on this journey in different ways.
We want to show you what our sisters together with a little Startup help from us in Norway have empowered themselves, both women and young girls.
This journey is a result of the dream of  social entrepreneur Bitten Schei in Mother Courage who just knew she had to go to Africa without really knowing what she should do there.

The start
Joan Sitenda, the co-founder with Bitten Schei, started the journey all the way at the UN women conference in New York where they met, then to Uganda with Kyadondo East Rural Women Development Association/KERWDA. Later on other groups joined to give rise to Small is Great, a network for grass root women groups in Uganda.  

The journey that started in 2005 is now marking 10 years with Small is Great activities of empowering grass root women in Uganda.
Nalule Esther is in charge and gives you a spectacular program and highlights of powerful women and their activities who have been part of this.
Mother Courage has not been alone, behind her there is a team of wonderful women and men from Norway, Sweden and else were who have been there for us.

To the many women who work tirelessly to empower other women, protect their rights and have a voice for the voiceless, I salute you for your bravery. We will surely get there. I want to specially thank the men, who are not threatened by our successes, but believe in our capabilities and support us in all our endeavors. We will surely make you proud

PROGRAM: October 1st - October 12th

October 1st:
Arrival Entebbe 9.45 pm (Entebbe Inti)
Late arrival at the hotel Joster 

October 2nd:
Visit Charles Batte in Mpigi

The Girls from Norway/Voss:
Sharing Dreams: Workshop with the Dream School
Dinner at the hotel

October 3rd:
Breakfast at the hotel
Visit Acholi Women in Banda
Lunch at the hotel
Visit Anifas Group in Kabubbu
Dinner at the hotel

October 4th Sunday:
Early breakfast 
Civil service at St. Noah Church of Uganda, Wampeewo
Lunch at the hotel
Shopping at the Game - supermarket
Culture and dinner at Ndere Culture Troupe Center, Kampala

October 5th:
Graduation Dream School with lunch
Opening The Garden of Dreams
Dinner at the hotel

October 6th:
Visit Nangabo Women Group
Lunch at the hotel
Meeting regarding the conference at the hotel
Dinner at the hotel

October 7th:
CONFERENCE at the Wampeewo Play Ground (Program and questions are down below in pdf files )

Group work with intro
1) How can small investments on the grass root in women and girls make an impact?
2) Microfinance a tool to sustainable business
3) 15 questions regarding: What have we experienced in our 10 years in Uganda to ask? Important questions in local community for women participation in leadership and business.


  • Partnership ceremonies
  • Speeches
  • Dancing and singing
  • Special invited guests
  • Food 
Dinner at the hotel

October 8th:
Visit Malindi, the Mango school and women groups
Mini workshop with micro finance
Sleep at the school in Nyenga
Host: Jessie Norrby, Sweeden

October 9th:
Breakfast at Nyenga
5 years celebration in Kabizzi Nyenga
Host: Anne Grete Kjørrefjord, Norway
Evening party at the hotel

October 10th:
Visit Katadde Women Group with Zaituni
Lunch at the hotel
Visit Wampeewo Women Group
Dinner at the hotel

October 11th:
Summary and next step
Visit Tiner International School of Beauty, Hairdressing, Art and Fashion Design in Kampala; 
Visiting our partner Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design in Entebbe ( NIAAD )
Departure Entebbe 11:30 pm, Entebbe Inti (EEB )

Trenger du mer info, kontakt Bitten; bitten@mothercourage.no

Kind regards
Esther Nalule: Head and co - founder of Small is Great - Women and Girls Empowerment
Bitten Schei: Mother Courage, co -founder of Small is Great and Girls Have A Dream School