We have planted a tree in memory of my father who suffered a lot in the Second World War, but was a survivor. I learned a lot from his resilience.

The Garden of Dreams

Our project focus on climate - and jobcreation.
Walking into the garden.
Me planting trees before I leave Uganda after ten years of work.
Pay it forward.
From The conference of social entrepreneurship at the Norwegian Parliament. As a gift the speakers got each 3 trees in the Garden of Dreams.

Change The
World, One Tree At The Time
Before I left Uganda in 2015, I decided to design a Garden of Dreams. To honor the baby
girls, and to be a beautiful place for remembering the work of Mother Courage and her friends in
Uganda. The last thing I did was to plant a tree for my father, because all my ten years of serving needy people in Uganda was to honor him.

Plant Trees And Save Lives
If you plant kindness, you reap love.
We plant small baby fruit trees in the Garden of Dreams. The world needs trees. T
o empower the youths, we must give them the
tools they need to make smart decisions and realize new opportunities even in
 situations they are led to believe
that they are none. 
At Girls
Have A Dream School we grow different types of fruit trees, rich in vitamin and
minerals to provide necessary and lacking nutrients for children as well as
nursing mothers when they need them. The girls are in charge to plant, provide
and sell trees after three years. By this they can make a living out of it.

The world is
changed by your example, not by your opinion, says Paulo Coelho
The biggest challenge of our times to feeding future generations is our leaders
and their lack of political will to effectively address the dangers of looming
climate change. Many deny it, others do not understand it, while others are too
scared to take action. They are instead endangering our continued sustenance
and the ability to sustainably inhabit the earth with hope of a zero hunger
Most of us are bystanders, thinking that I really can do
nothing. Why are we doing so little when we know so much? Simple actions that make a difference. It may be difficult to make
climate-friendly decisions in everyday life. We must make it easier to make
good climate decisions. If we make it easier to live and act green, we will get
more people to do it. Our small contribution in our different communities, when summed up together, they constitute global change.

Climate change is threatening any land, with developing countries the most
vulnerable. Estimates are that they would bear 75-80 percent of the cost of the
damage caused by climate change. (World Development Report 2010).

Pay it Forward
Norwegian people are buying trees. It was a full house and many great speakers
who gave their contribution to the conference on social entrepreneurship in The
Norwegian Parliament, November 2015. It was given a total of 78 trees of the Garden of Dreams
from the organizers to all the speakers as thanks for contribution.