Report Small is Great

Report from Mama Wa Miti and her organisation USAIDIZI

Report visit Norway

Our goal was to give our friends from Uganda a wonderful journey in our country accompanied with love and hospitality.

Story from a social entrepreneur in Uganda

Acknowledgment of coordinator Joanita Sitenda for the development of KERWDA together with the Norwegians and Partnership of Bitten Schei /Mother Courage and her network i.e. TroNett (Tove Hassel and Inger Marie Bakken), NHO ( Cecilie M. Endresen and Kari Maeland), Anne Grete Kjoerrefjord (Nyenga Children's Home), Marta Rabbe, Kari – Anne Lenvik, Mette K. Ofstad of Women Can Do it, Britt Hansen, Beate R. Zahl, Unni Viken etc.

Training Camp in Entrepreneurship

We are pleased to invite members of WCDIGLF and other interested
people who want to be part of our wonderful journey in partnership
in fighting poverty by creating small scale business for rural women
to be self – sufficient in Uganda.

Reports from WCDIGLF groups

Here you can read some of our members status in their groups.

Women Can Do It Grassroot Leaders Forum

WCDIGLF is a network between Norway and Uganda that works to help to self help. It's purpose is to fight rural poverty in Uganda by working to help women create their own businesses.