1ST -12TH October 2015 is a week to remember in
the history of Small is Great. The celebrations started by visiting the
different women groups to find out how small is great programmes in Uganda have
impacted the lives of women at the grass root .

Between 2013-2015,15 women groups have benefited
from its programmes that include trainings in business start up and management
, cows ,pigs , chicken and goats ,school sponsorship to individual girls ,
Girls have a dream school that offer vocational skills among others . The
founder Bitten Schei of mother courage Norway is the force behind this together
with her net work of Small is Great Norway

The Acholi women’s group welcomed us in style
with their traditional dance . The women are mainly in the business of making
products from paper beads . Their products include paper beads necklaces ,
earings , bags among others . The group received sewing machines also that are
used to train women in tailoring business.

Kabubbu women’s group was excited and filled
with joy as the visitors arrived to meet the group,they danced and sang with
joy.The group received a cow that produced 4 calves and were distributed to
group members . They also received pigs and goats . Majority of the women in
this group are subsistence farmers and have a saving and credit scheme from
were members save and access small loans to boost their businesses . 


On 5th October we had a graduation day for the
girls at dream school and 18 girls graduated with certificates in tailoring and
hair dressing. These are under previllaged girls who were identified from our
women groups and in the community and given vocational skills to help them
start personal businesses to sustain themselves . The school received funds to
the Dream bank from the Voss team and this will benefit the girls who have
completed training to access small loans as well as women in Small is Great.


7th October summed it all with a colorful invent
attended by over 400 people. these included beneficiaries , invited guests and
our partners from Norway headed by Bitten Schei.

The theme of the day was; creating business for
women and girls at the grass root.

Women during the workshop discussed microfinance
as one of the strategies in boosting business at the grass root. Participants
presented their experiences on saving and credit in their groups.The
organization received funds to be used in training women in business as well as
financial literacy.

Participants were entertained by Kuza group ,
one of the beneficiaries in Small is Great.

Other groups visited after the celebration were
wampeewo and Katadde women’s groups.

Wampeewo women’s group

The major activities in this group is small
scale trading business and farming ,they also make liquid soap as a group

Katadde women’s group 

Majority of the women here are muslims , the
group is located in a typically rural area with majority of the members as

success stories from beneficiaries 

Mrs Kabugo Jane (37) is a married woman with 7
children . She is a peasant farmer and received I goat that has so far produced
2 young ones . She sold them and injected the money into her brick making
business in order to buy fire wood for burning the bricks . She is proud of her
brick making business because she is able to pay fees for her children. Jane
says , “my husband is a peasant farmer and spends most of the time in the
garden growing food to feed the family . He does not have a job so am the bread
winner. The income I get from my business is what pays fees for my children.
‘Besides that Jane also has a small poultry business and her dream is to expand
it into a big poultry farm .

Percy Tamale (45) is another beneficiary . She
is married with 10 children . She received a piglet of one month that has
produced young ones and decided to keep some to grow her business into a big
piggery farm.

Percy says ,’’am so happy and thank full for
Small is Great that gave me a pig to start a business with this I have been
able to educate my children and one of them has completed a diploma course and
the other is in senior 6 .

Milly Nabakooza (40) received a pig from a
member as it is with the system. When a member receives an animal from Small is
Great . she has to pass on one or two 


Through our programmes people’s lives have been
transformed ,families are able to raise income through sale of piglets , goats
and milk from cows donated to the group.

A good number of our girls who completed
training last year are now self employed while others are employed in saloons
and tailors ,thus contributing to a reduction in the un employment problem
among the youth.This year 18 girls have graduated in tailoring , knitting and
hair dressing and can use these skills to start personal businesses .

Our business training programmes have helped
women to sustain their businesses.

-We have received cases of animals dying due to
poor management and break up of certain diseases such as swine fever and we
appeal o members to improve on the management and ensure that the animals
receive treatment on time .

Way forward

-To increase trainings in the groups about
business start up and management as well as financial literacy .

- To include micro finance in our programmes to
enable women access small loans to finance their businesses.


Small is Great wishes to acknowledge and thank
all those who have contributed to the success of its programmes . Special thanks
go to Small is Great –Norway , Mother Courage Norway , Nagenda International
Academy of Art and Design,and CBS –PEWOSA .

Small is Great is grate full to the board for
all the efforts put during the celebration.

For God and my country

Nalule Esther 

Coordinator , Small is Great.