Report visit Norway

Our goal was to give our friends from Uganda a wonderful journey in our country accompanied with love and hospitality.

Report from the trip
Report from the stay of Pauline M. Kiymba, Joan Sitenda, Margaret Ssjemba and Florah Kabibi from Uganda in Norway from 15. th to 24. th of May. They travelled with partners and friends of Uganda starting in Bergen, then going by train to Voss. With car to Ski and then back to Oslo. So we went to Bittens town Notodden. At last but not least, they went by flight to Trondheim. Here the journey in Norway ended. We hope they enjoyed the adventure. We did indeed.

A magical tour
Travelling with our friends in our beautiful country in May, through rain and sunshine, we discovered the hospitality and the generousity from people we met. We felt proud and touched by their eager to embrace our friends. 

Thanks to our friends, partners and helpers
We had a very small budget. But we got help from many of our friends who have contributed to make the stay the best. Without them it would be impossible:

The Norwegian Labour Party
Hilde Magnusson
Elisabeth Arnet
Anna Perry
Ellen Krageberg
Mette K Ofstad
Jenfrid Stellberg
Dag Terje Andersen
Joan Gahr Støre
Laila Høge
Villa Kulild
Beate R. Zahl
Norskdomslaget Porsgrunn
Ingrid Stange
Sandrina Elisabeth Sandell
Ingrid Grene Henriksen
Unni Viken
Inger Lise Wølner
Rita Jonassen
Kristin Storhaug
Kari Torsteinson
Gro Tronvold
Olav Sem
Inger Lise Olsen
Notodden municipality
Lise Wiik
Anne Vik
Hydro ASA
Valda Ambrazieje
Telemark County Council
Ragnhild S. Tveitan
Torhild Kleppo
Eva Auestad Lie
Solbjorg Slaatta
Ingrid Haugestad
Liv Marit Tveitan
Liv E. Ringen
Torbjorn Solbakken
Notodden Juniorkor
Åshild Bergstol
Ellen Eliassen
Else Aasen
Anne Lene Rinde
Liv Johanne Helganger
Trond Aasland
Beate R. Zahl
Anne Haugen Wagn
Notodden Health Care Station
Taletta Ljosland
Ossian and Agnes Kidholm
Anna Tokle and Halvor Grene
Inger Marie Bakken
Tove Hassel
Gerd Fleischer
Marie Magnusson
Voss municipality
Renbogen kindergarden
Bibi Kirkebak
Anne Karin Sveinall
Britt Reinskou
Mollenberg kindergarden

Report from the trip with some highlights in photos are attached files down below:

Program on tour
Bergen, will come later
Empo, Ski