Celebrating the Future, August 5

Teamet: Oslo - Celebrating the Future. Empowering Youth
Celebrating the Future - Empowering Youth is an open and collaborating process. To be continued. Her are from the google - hangout.
Empowering Youth Notodden
The next generation: How can we empower young people in a world of social injustice and unemployment?

This event will take place in Oslo, Olav Selvaags plass 4. 2. Etg, Tjuvholmen, Norway. 5-9 pm

Twitter: #celebratingthefuture

There will be a livestream:

The topic " Celebrating the Future" - How can we empower young people in a world of social injustice and unemployment was chosen to give the audience locally and globally new insights in how to work with this pressing challenge.

In celebration of the bicentennial of the Norwegian constitution and the centennial for the industrial city of Notodden - where the second industrial revolution  started, we will look at the new challenges of the world. 

Notodden, Oslo and the rest of the world meet new challenges. how can we take the step into the creative society of the 21. st century?

With "celebrating the Future" we invite you all to take part in pointing out a direction for the future.

"Celebrating the Future"- How can we empower young people in a world of social injustice and unemployment is organized by partnership for Change in co-operation with Living Bridget Planet and Mother Courage.

Partners involved in this event:

Partnership for Change; http://www.partnershipforchange.net/
Mother Courage og Nettverk for sosialt entreprenørskap; http://www.mothercourage.no/
Mama Wa Miti; http://mamawamiti.com/
Innovation Forum Norway: http://innovationforum.no/
Relay Foundation; http://www.relayfoundation.org/
Living Bridges Planet; FB – https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingbridgesplanet/
Geeks gone Global
; http://geeksgoneglobal.com/

Sign up here if you want to attend: http://www.pfchange.org/2013/07/01/celebrating-the-future/

Videoer fra eventet: http://www.pfchange.org/2013/08/09/celebrating-the-future-videos/

80 prosjekter deltar. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Arlq-68Cw2A7dHFoRWc2allkaXc1ZnkxQ0JBWkl5WWc#gid=0 

Pdf fil: Speaker Bitten Schei

If you don't like the way the world is, you change it. You have an obligation to change it. You just do it one step at the time.
Marian Wright Edelman, American activist